The Road Builders Guild

The Road Builders Guild

This guild functions primarily in the Kingdom of Ord, however, chapters can be found anywhere their paved roads lead.

The Road Builders are the craftsman who are responsible for cobbling the roads in all of Ord and indeed have been hired by the neighboring countries to pave their roads as well. These well maintained roads are the core to Ord’s dominance in trade. The roads allow for quick and easy travel to anywhere they lead.

The roads built by the Road Builders are very specific, conforming to many precise measurements.

Every chapter house is built upon an extension of the road, upon a paved foundation.

The greatest achievement of the Road Builders is the Great Mawfron Road, leading from the Mawfron Cliffs on the Northern Shores of Ord, down to the Capitol and down the coast through Oneida and up to the very steps of Falschein.

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The Road Builders Guild

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