Desert Star

Desert Star

Size: Medium dwindling to small sized city.

Location: Desert Star is just off a major trade route in between two major cities, Jonesboro on the south eastern edge of Caserta and Oudane Oasis in the Tadrat Desert.

Goings on: Currently, Desert Star is of no consequence to the outside world, but there are rumors that the town is having trouble on the inside though nobody can place the turmoil as the people seem always have a smile when any visitors are present.

Major Players: The most notable citizens of Desert Star are Lord Gavin Montagu, Sir Walter De Grey and Charles the Bald.

Lord Montagu is the last in a long line of famed vintners. The Montagu family owns half the town and thus the De Facto governor of the city. Unfortunately, for the citizens, he is only concerned with the family business. He cares not for any of the crime that goes on in the city as long as his business is not affected.

Charles the Bald is a local ruffian turned crime lord is slowly creating the underworld and is becoming more hostile and bold with his power. Charles’ ambition is to build power to overthrow Montagu and steal his recipe and land to control the whole city.

Sir Walter De Grey is a guard captain known for hard justice. He was brought in from the Kingdom of Ord to bring more order to Desert Star.

Commerce: Most of the goods traded here are typical supplies, weapons and armor. Historically though, Desert Star is known for its primary commodity, a unique cactus fruit called [desert plum] that grows exclusively in the area. The Desert Star is the cities namesake and cactus that bears these fruit and is the reason for the town’s longevity. Desert plums produce a popular sacramental wine called Desert Euphoria by the creator and sole proprietor the Montagu family. The recipe is a closely guarded trade secret held by the long-standing vintner family. Desert Euphoria is popular for its unique salty-sweet flavor and mild psychotropic effects, which is known to enhance worship.

Currently, merchants, pilgrims or visitors not purchasing Desert Euphoria or needed supplies for the road, visit to deal in the newer flourishing black market trade. The most common of these black market goods include human trafficking and child labor. Further exacerbating things, Montagu’s hermit lifestyle and passive approach to lordship and little presence of law in the area, the ruffians have come to build this location up as a hub for these illegal goods and transactions.

Under the leadership of Charles, the honest trade is not disrupted as to prevent arousing suspicion of any visiting local sheriffs or nearby Bronzemen. This tactic has allowed the black market commerce to flourish.

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Desert Star

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